Amanda is an award-winning writer and director. She grew up in North West suburban Chicago and graduated from DePaul University with a BA in digital cinema production. For her eighth birthday, she got her first video camera, which sparked her interest early on. Her avant-garde approach to filmmaking has garnered praise from critics for being thought-provoking and for shedding  light on the dark side of humanity. She's an up- and-coming talent in the indie film scene with a passion for all things spooky and psychological. Typically, her work centers around the distortion of memory, time, and human morality. 

Her most recent film, Blackhatter, has earned her multiple awards, including  Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best First Time Filmmaker at numerous film festivals across the U.S. 

She is currently in pre-production for her latest short film The 22, about a World War II veteran turned writer plagued by PTSD.